Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunlight in Winter

Lovely morning.

Driving up to work on a long stretch of road as the bright sunlight streamed onto my face, was a wonderful feeling. After a few days of cold, it is a joy to feel the beautiful warm feeling this morning.

Sunshine is often given a lot of importance in the cold countries, and not in countries like Bahrain where avoiding heat is what we all want. But then, just wanted to record that sunshine is always good, after a cold time.....even in hot desert regions.

Btw, saw Star Screen Awards last night where Javed Akhtar got a Life Time Achievement award.

Cant forget one line from the song he penned. From '1942: A Love Story'. एक लड़की को देखा थो ... in that there is a line where he says 'जैसे सर्दी की धुप' ! jaise sardi ki dhoop is like the sunlight in winter। :-)

Also, cant help remembering that song from the Ad which Seef Cinema used to keep playing on and on... "aint no sunshine॥when you are gone'....

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