Friday, July 25, 2014

Lost. The Episode of the Bag with Laptop.

With my special talent of absentmindedness, I left my heavy black bag, in the back side of an auto-rickshaw and realized we'd forgotten it, only after several minutes after the auto had gone away.
Sadly, I had neither seen the auto-number, nor can even recollect the face of the driver.
My bag contained (1) our new HP, Intel Core i5, laptop, (2) two separate 1 TB hard-disks, with a zillion family photos and videos over the years (3) my daughter's XII pass CBSE original certificates (4) a Fuji 16MP Digital Camera, (5) two Flash disks and (6) several other important papers and connector cables.
The officer at the Police Station said that, without an auto-number or any other clues, and with tens of thousands of autos in Hyderabad, it is impossible for them to help me - except for ratifying an affidavit stating the registration of the loss of items.
So, apart from listening to the angry I-knew-you'd-do-this-one-day words from my wife, and I-don't-know-when-you'd-grow-up-and-be-more-responsible words from my father, I was able to only send a request to God, asking for a conviction for the auto-driver to return the bag, and for good memory so that the driver can recall which of his passengers had placed that bag behind. Others prayed too.
Now, today, I can only say - Hallelujah!
My faith in God, and my faith in man, just went up to dizzying heights. My family, and I cannot express our joy at the return of my bag!
The auto-driver Ilyas, apparently, saw my bag in the back-side of the auto, only after two days! And after having dropped tens of other passengers!!
He said he tried hard to recall who could have left the bag behind. And very vaguely remembered me, and the neighbourhood from where he had picked us up.
So, he had come asking people around here. And they led him to our house! With my bag! And with all things intact!
Auto-driver Ilyas was even refusing the money I offered as reward saying that he just did his duty, and that his main concern was only that we must have all been very anxious and worried for two days!
Yes. My faith in the greatness of God, and my faith in the goodness of man, just went up. Higher. Yet again!