Sunday, May 06, 2007

Me, My Wife, and Batelco - A Love Triangle?

Wow! Batelco announced its 1st Quarter profits, last week, of nearly 25 million!

And did you all know that I contributed to those profits??

My calls inland, my calls abroad, my software downloads, my children's game downloads, my wife's purchase of sim-sim cards, her calls to her friends, her calls to near-relatives (who stay far-away), her SMS-es to game shows, calls to 900 numbers, my MMS attempts......

So, excuse me, Batelco. Don't you think I deserve at least a 'Thank You' note?

But instead of a 'Thank You' note, what do I get yesterday?

A Red Bill. By post.

And also a SWEET Voice. On phone. "Azeezi izaboon.... Dear customer, your telephone bill is over due.....please pay the bill immediately to avoid disconnection."

And also an ANGRY Voice (of my wife), "If you don't pay it today, they may disconnect the phone. And then, how can I show my face to my friends who call??"

"Just a minute," I said. "How can you show your face on telephone......I thought you make your friends hear your voice... right?

No. She didn't like the joke. In fact, that made her furious.

"Stop being childish! The last time, you had promised you'll pay online, and still waited until they almost disconnected."

"But didn't I pay it, even if late, and stop the disconnection?"

"Oh yeah?? You did. But that was only because you were worried about losing the Internet connection, and that precious time you spend on your stupid computer."

"Oh yeah? And it doesn't matter to you? You can't be grateful a bit? That I was able to let you show your face... make your friends hear your voice??"

"I am in no mood to appreciate your silly talk."

"I am just asking you to appreciate my paying telephone bills. Even, if late."

"Why? You think I forgot that time when they actually disconnected?! And how you ran helter-skelter to get it reconnected again?"

"But, I got it done. On the same day!"

"Yes. But what about the additional 'reconnection' charges to Batelco?"

"But dear, look at the result…"

"Now, listen. If that's what you think, go ahead. Let the phone be disconnected if you wish. I can always talk to my friends on my mobile phone. And anyway, I want to see how long you can live without the internet connection."


"What happened...... cat got your tongue?"

"You know, dear.... We must really upgrade to a bigger broadband connection. You can speak for hours with anyone around the world. What is more, I already explained and showed you. You can really, actually, show your face to friends - on webcam, by using an instant messenger ....without paying anything."

That got her attention.

"Without paying anything?"


"Impossible! You must be paying for something!"

"Well, not for telephone calls."


"For Internet usage, on broad band, based on the data bits we send and receive."

"So, simply speaking, the more you use it, the more you pay?"


"No. Thanks!"

See, folks? Its so sad. There are still some people who do not wish to contribute to Batelco's profits, and this country's economy.


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Unknown said...

My thoughts exactly... Batelco should thank us for helping them reach those high profit margins. Oh well... :)))