Tuesday, June 17, 2008

College days

Just a couple of days ago, while driving, I was thrilled to listen to this lovely song on 104.2 Voice FM. I've searched for it, and am embedding it below. So that you can listen and enjoy too. Ofcourse, as it is in hindi and english, my non-hindi-speaking friends may not fully follow it. But do check it out if you can.

It made me think of my college days. The jokes, the pranks, the last-minute assignments, the last-minute studies, reading the exam paper, and getting angry at whoever set it!! The fun days, the troubled days, the friends we made, (for life, sometimes), the friends we lost, (and we hope we knew where they are now).

Nowadays, when I watch my students who are writing their final exams at the University, I feel that many may also be going through the same feeling. Of what they will miss. From their "college days"

कब मिलेंगे न जाने हम
यारों फिर से सबी
लौट कर अब न आए वह दिन
मस्ती भरे दिन कभी
ओ, दिल ये अपना कहे , ये दोसतों
I am really gonna miss this place
I am gonna miss my college days......

Find some time, and listen to it by clicking below. I found it wonderful. Gaurav is the singer. It is also on you tube...but u must listen to it before watching it. Enjoy the memories of your college days.


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Anonymous said...

ummmmm.....nice song. I loved listening to it