Friday, January 02, 2009

My Words on BBC World Service Yesterday.

I was able to question Mark Regev, the spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, on their attacks on Gaza.

It was on BBC's Live Radio Programme, 'World Have Your Say' on thursday night (31-Dec-08) at 9.30 PM, Bahrain Time. And I am pasting a link below, for you to hear, an audio clip from it.

Eventhough Israelis say they are targetting only Hamas Installations, we hear of many innocent women and children being killed. And I asked if these killings are justified.

Here, Mark Regev says Israelis are taking care not to hurt innocents and civilians in the Palestinian territory. But that they will continue to target Hamas' military installations.

Well, what's happening there is certainly a terrible humanitarian crisis, and lets all hope and pray that this rain of bombs will stop soon.

But, for me, its a dream come to true - to speak on BBC!!

Listen to it. (It is a 5 minute clip from the one-hour programme..I come in after 1 and half minutes or so)

But you can also find the whole programme ( and all the last week's programmes) at the following website (mine was on Thursday, 31-Dec).


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Anonymous said...

But I think he was not able to answer your question on whether Israel really needed to attack Gaza now.