Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where has LOVE gone???

This news was shocking to me!!

Maybe it won't be, to some.

But, two weeks ago - in Bay City, Michigan, USA - a 93 year old man was frozen to death - because the electric company had cut off power to his house, for non-payment of bills. ( I placed the news-link below this write up).

In that cold house, without a heater, he began to freeze, and was unable to get help. He is supposed to have died a slow, painful death from hypothermia.

What is even more shocking is that he had left all his estate to the local hospital!!

If no one was seeing him, calling him, or visiting him, my question is - Where are the neighbours? Where are the Friends? Where are the relatives?

Or simply speaking where has LOVE gone???? What have we become??

Click for the news on CNN website


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