Monday, February 14, 2011

Move over Superman. Here's Super Granny.

Who needs Superman when you have Super-granny? Yes. Like some newspapers are calling her, this grandmother in her 70s, who gave a sound thrashing to the three out of the six robbers who attempted to steal from a Jewelry Store, in Northampton, England (DT, 9-Feb), should be given a bravery award.

I found the scene very funny when I saw the video clip online. Running towards the robbers and wielding her handbag as a weapon, she battered them enough to make them flee. She also knocked a robber off his moped, and enabled another to be caught by the passers-by.

I read on other websites that an employee of the shop, Sarah Jane Brown is supposed to have said, "We were terrified. We locked the door. We hid under the desk. We were really scared. And then, we looked outside and, God love her, she was running down the road, with her handbag in the air, banging them on the back of their helmet with her handbag." All Hail Granny Power!

For those who want to watch the video this is the weblink :

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