Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Love Stories in Songs - Part 2

I am trying to put two more songs here following my earlier post.

I am just amazed and thrilled to find that most of my favourite songs are already on "you tube" in some form or other. It makes me happy that there are many others with similar likes.

Anyway here's song No. 3. You can see it below

(3) Goodness Gracious Me.

This song was originally, actually, sung by actors Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren themselves!! And not by any playback singers. Peter Sellers acts like an Indian Doctor based in London, and his accent is hillariously Indian!! In the movie 'The Millionairess" he is a simple doctor who spurns the advances of an italian beauty even though she is a heiress to a fortune, and very keen on him.

I heard this song many years ago, read the singers' names and movie's name; but was unable to find this movie to watch, until I came to Bahrain where in one DVD/Video shop - four years ago -I saw this title. Well, I borrowed and enjoyed the movie, but was shocked and disappointed that the song did not figure in it, at all!!

Apparently, this was a song that they both did as a 'promo' for the movie, and no original video is available by both of them, anywhere. :-( Let me know if any of you know more about this.

Anyway, an enterprising couple decided to mime to the song, and placed it on 'you tube'. I am placing it here, for you. They did a fantastic job here......though I just wish the doc was an Indian.

Listen to the very funny lyrics, and the perfect Indian accent of Peter Sellers. You'll enjoy it.

(4) Angelo

This is a song I used to listen to, on radio, when I was very very young [All India Radio, Hyderabad used to broadcast 1-hour of english programmes daily, which I used to eagerly look forward to]. It may have been the time when I was in High School. It is sung by Brotherhood of Man, a group that was very popular for nice romantic numbers and some peace-on-the-world types. This one is a regular love-story. Poor boy falling in love with a rich girl. Listen to the lyrics (you can also find them clicking here), watch the video below and enjoy.


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