Thursday, April 05, 2007

Radio Ride


She's sun and rain, she's fire and ice
A little crazy, but it's nice....
She's every woman that I've ever known.

Listening to these words, as I drove to work this morning, gave me a nice warm feeling. Strains of melody from the vocal chords of Garth Brooks, have always given me such feeling. In fact, good old country music always does that to me.

This morning, at the Isa Town Roundabout, when I was impatiently waiting for the cars in front, to get out of the way, it was this country music that was calmly soothing my nerves!

You might ask, Country music? That slow old-fashioned music?? I know I know. There are those who think I am very old ( well..ummm, probably I am. Because its not chic and sound-of-music-ish to sing 'I am 37 ... going on 38'... at my age).

But the truth is, I hate 'heavy metal' and 'acid-rock', and wonder where on earth 'techno' has come from. And what the hell 'hip-hop' or 'funky' is...... I get even more bugged when those in the age-range of I am sixteen, going on seventeen, start discussing the differences of terms like 'R&B' and 'Blues' and 'smooth jazz', as old fashioned. Well, if people can let aside their tastes, and give me just country music anytime, I would be content.

In fact, listening to music while I drive to my place of work each morning is now a rejuvenating experience. Praise songs, that warm your heart on sunny pleasant mornings, and these country music songs that relax your mind in the rush-hour traffic, are a great cure for a stressful mind.

My glove compartment (glove? I don't know if its the right usage in Bahrain) has got a good collection soft soothing music to beat the 'Oh-my-God-I-am-late-what-do-I-do-now' moods.

Music really is the saving grace when up-front, the cars are not moving and the friendly policeman at the roundabout is beckoning the drivers to go past, and go fast, waving his arm at high speed - sometimes I really worry that his arms could come off at the hinges.... er.... joints - but meanwhile he is heartlessly halting and completely ignoring my lane, and line, of cars.

Switiching to radio - I go to 96.5 FM, and hear Krazy Kevin's screams, squeals and guffaws, and some coffee talk, and flick to another channel, 104.2 FM, (Voice FM, the new Indian radio channel from Bahrain with its pot-pourii of languages), where Juhi-ji is talking to some Ahmed who has SMSed her a long poem which she is faithfully reading - khaas-doston-key-liye-ek-khoobsurat-kavitha - in her special soulful voice.

She asked a question and wanted the listeners to SMS their answer. I almost did that, forgetting the recent law in Bahrain! That drivers should not use headset-less phones while driving!! Luckily for me, I didn't. Because our friendly neghbourhood policeman had finally relented. And with a grim face, a generous nod of head, a quick wave of hand, he indicated that our line of cars can now safely enter the roundabout, and move on. He immediately and majestically motioned to the otherside to come no further, while our relieved train of cars slid forward on road.

Oh, the power the traffic policeman weilds !!! [it reminds me of the question my little daughter asked "who is the strongest man in the world?", and when I feigned ignorance, she answered that it was "a 'traffic policeman' because he can stop many cars and even buses with just one hand!!"].

While the Voice FM's hindi song, regales my mind, I move on, only to soon see before me yet another line of cars, at next intersection - the A'Ali (Traffic Directorate) roundabout - and wait again. I was glad, however, because this will be the last traffic intersection, before I reach my place of work.

After the song on the radio, Juhi-ji, came online. She began talking to a cricket expert, who is refusing to accept the term 'expert', but waxing eloquent on Bangladesh's excellent performance in worldcup. Shutting them off mid-way, I flicked to 101.4 FM and heard - for the umpteenth time - Natalie Cole's song 'Unforgettable' which she sang with her late father Nat King Cole (the song had won a grammy for Sound engineering).

Just when I thought I'll get delayed even more, traffic moved on. And I moved on to tape from radio... and Garth Brooks came to his ending, as I too ended my ride, and parked my car to get into our building..

She's anything, but typical
She's so unpredictable
Oh but even at her worst she ain't that bad
She's as real as real can be
She's everywoman

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