Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Amazing Apple iPhone

Wow!! I watched the demo video of Apple's new release yesterday, The "iPhone". And I am floored! Using the wowsome Indian word, I must say I am completely Fidaa over it. (You can see a video I've embedded below this write up)

Apple never ceases to amaze me! The people at Apple are so so advanced in their concepts and designs - whether it was their macintosh computer or the macintosh operating system and whether it is their iMac or their iPod.

The rest of the computer companies complacently think they themselves are advanced but with this release, Apple tells the world again that Apple is miles ahead!

So..with iPhone you can forget about dailing numbers, or holding a stylo to carefully click on the numbers with it. You can simply tap, push, drag your fingers on the large touchscreen. To call people, merge calls, listen to music, send and receive pictures, check you e-mail, browse the internet, by minimum exertion of energy even with your fingertip, and the maximum benefit of options in terms of value.

The Price??? 499 Dollars in the USA! (Less than BD 200!!)
But I don't know how soon it will be available here in Bahrain.

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