Thursday, June 21, 2007

A slip that is showing!

This is one amazing girl I found on youtube. Simply amazing! I am sure she'll go far, and make waves. More than what she had already made by her talent.

She writes her own scripts, gets her folks to help her shoot herself. She can play music, sing, talk, act, direct, shoot, edit, dub and do a host of other things and is a delight to watch.

Click below and listen to her song '7.7.7'. About youtube gathering on 07.07.07

For those who are wondering why she called her VLog (Video blog) as "Happy Slip", listen to its hillarious origin and her story in her own words, below.

Here's her one song I loved about her Big Mac. Not the one you get at Mc Donald's. But the one you use to type out your e-mails. She sings it to the tune of James Blunt's song, You are beautiful.

Have fun listening to her. I have seen many of her videos. Though not all. But apparently she is becoming a great star. Making up her own soap operas on her you-tube channel which people are subscribing to from Manila to Malibu.


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