Thursday, February 28, 2008

OMG! Is this place really that??

Watch these pictures, and try to guess for what purpose this facility was built.

And I am sure you would be as surprised and shocked as I was.


Yes. This is a Jail in Austria. Justice Centre of Leoben! (Justizzentrum Leoben)

It sounds crazy but this Justice Centre of Leoben in Austria, was designed by about 10 artists and built in March 2005.

It was developed as an exercise to implement humanitarian thoughts in the building and design of the prison.

Can you believe that? They even say that they took ECHR (European Commission on Human rights) and Other Human Rights and Prison laws into consideration.

When I got a mail with these pics, I laughed it off as one of those crazy emails, but was shocked after a little bit of research. The only thing that made it plausible for me was when I read that this place has courts, prosecutorial offices as well as the prison.

Just imagine criminals having a whale of a time by ending up in this five Star Prison. I now know that if you have to comit a crime, Austria is the place to go and do it.
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