Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pakistan up ahead

The recent scenes in pakistan are reminiscent of the scenes in India in 1991.

Rajiv Gandhi, the former PM of India was killed in a suicide attack. Just like Benazir Bhutto the former PM of Pakistan was killed last month. And both were on their election campaigns. And both were children of former PMs of their respective countries.

In both cases the elections were postponed. And in both cases their parties swept the polls. Riding on the massive sympathy-wave, both the parties (Congress-I in India & PPP in Pakistan) led the formation of new governments.

Isn't it also a strange coincidence that parents of both, Rajiv (Indira Gandhi) and Benazir(Zulfikar Ali Bhutto) met untimely deaths? While Indira Gandhi was assasinated, Bhutto was hanged.

Very few may even recall that Zulfiker Ali Bhutto had actually writen a book titled If I am Assasinated.

Well, whatever, now the parents as well as their luminary children have stopped emanating the bright light they used to. But their political parties are still going on. And going strong.

Seeing the election coverage on pakistani channels, one can be sure that the future seems tough and wrought with many difficulties, but the determination in the country to make democarcy work is very much palpable. The fact that arch-rivals, PPP [of Benazir's, now led the widowed Asif Zardari], and PML-N [of Nawaz Sheriff] shaking hands is a very very strange occurance in a country like Pakistan. But it is indicative of the willingness to let go egos to form a democratic government. The joy of ousting a dictatorial, Pervez Musharraf, has clearly converted these two ecstatic 'rival political parties' into seemingly willing bed partners.

It could have a strange impact on the US Foreign Policy, as they have already pumped billions into the country in their 'fight against terror'. But then, hopefully, the assurances given by the emerging leadership of the soon-to-form-government must have assuaged apprehensions.

The seemingly uncertain future - I am certain - is going to turn out much better than what was in the past. Maybe no government completed a full term but Pakistan has been learning. And the massive pakistani youngsters, and the growing education systems, can only lead to a brighter outlook.

Time will tell. And I am sure it will tell well.


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