Tuesday, November 04, 2008

McCain? Obama? Who?

Who will become the most powerful man on earth? In less than 24 hours, the world will know.

Over the last two years, we have certainly seen one man battle it out - first with Hillary Clinton and then with John McCain. First, in order to become the Presidential candidate of the Democrats. Then, in order to, hopefully, become the President of the great United States - regarded without a doubt as the most powerful country in the world.

We don't know whether he will indeed become the President or not. But what we know is that the neck-to-neck race to the white house has become very very exciting in the last few days. Obama's aunt's illegal status, Sarah Palin's foot-in-the-mouth lines, John McCain's poor republican jokes and joseph Biden's faux pas.

Now, the death of the Obama's grandmother could give him a small sympathy wave of votes too. But the fierce speeches of John McCain in an incredible seven-state tour in just a day, could buy him more votes too.

So, Obama? or McCain? A Democrat or a Republican? Who? Who will become the most powerful man in the world? (Ok Ok.. those thinking I should be talking about the UN Secretary General or about the Pope can relax and bear with me).

I feel it will be Barak Obama.

My reasons?

  1. Most of America is tired of the George W. Bush, the Republican, they see. And they want a 'Change'. Which Obama strategically kept hitting at the masses as 'Change we need' (ofcourse its another matter that very few US Presidents faced the crisis situations Bush faced - a horrifying 9/11, a few disastrous Hurricanes and an earth-shocking Financial Crisis, even if we hastily conclude that war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran are his own doings, which are not entirely his.)
  2. Obama's campaign, I think, has succesfully tied up John McCain to Bush and his unwelcome policies. (So much so that John McCain had to keep saying 'I am not Bush', and had to keep reiterating that he and Obama do not agree with the Bush-policies).
  3. McCain is unable to get out of the Bush shadow..that is horribly large and unfortunately hated-a-lot in the US and outside.
  4. The choice of Sarah Palin has been unwise (Choosing the Governor of Alaska aganist several worthy candidates from other 49 states has not gone well with Americans... even if she is a beauty...and yes...even if she is one with the brains (but her brains have spawned thousands of jokes on youtube or elsewhere, making McCain seem like a victim of bad decisions).
  5. There would be a massive black turn out at voting (even if they did not hitherto cast even a single vote over decades of US Presidential elections. Which black wouldn't want a black President??).
  6. Despite John McCain's wonderful experience and excellent oratorial skills, I feel that Obama has the charisma that two other former democrat presidents, Keneddy and Clinton had.

Well, I am an Indian. I may not know much about US politics. But this is my take on the world's greatest event going on.



Anonymous said...

Yes, we are wiser now - it's Obama. I liked your analysis, Joel. However, what I really admire about McCain is his relentless campaigning and energy levels at this age. I suppose none of us would be half as charismatic at his age. Had he been a democrat, he would have had my vote.

Anonymous said...

hmm...good analysis. And seems like its turned out well.