Monday, November 03, 2008

Ode to Meeting 2204

At our Toastmasters Club this Saturday(1-Nov), the theme was on poetry and it was an exciting and refreshing difference.

The entire programme - business session, educational session, joke session and evaluation – was peppered with the sharing of short poems and couplets by different members. It was good fun. And drawing some inspiration, I composed the following lines at the end of the meeting. Then, I refined them after coming home, and mailed it to all, and they were all glad.

Ok… Ok…. You will think I am just showing off.

But you know what?....… Yes. I really am showing off. :-D


Ode to Meeting No. 2204

After some Ballads of Business
Sprinkled with marriage announcements
Emcee Madhavi – a passionate poetess
With her poem-filled pronouncements

Next, for all folks, were
Gopan jokes,
Of diapers of kids, and photos of wives
Of men who knew too much like oaks
And all of those cops after our lives

Then came the words of d'anger and damage
Spoken by our own – cool and calm –
If anger you fail to quickly manage
You’ll have no friends. – They will say , “See ya”.

Later for all of us, O ladies and gents
Osama on 'body', and its intelligence
He observes with care – maids and labourers
And doesn’t even spare, men in wheel chairs

After some pastries and some black tea
Abdulrahman, the engagement sign-er
He became all bullish, ‘on global bankruptcy’
And made many a master, a share-market whiner

Then from the hills, came Nepalese
With serious and sombre, General ‘Evalesh’
(Evalesh? (I know!) Its a new word I made up
Inspired and enthused, by our emcee’s work-up)

Yes, folks. Today’s Ballads of Business
And those Epics of Education
Along with lots of Rhymes of Recess
Made it more than mere couplets, in conclusion.

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