Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dear Terrorists......

Are you satisfied? Are you content?

With the murder and mayhem in Mumbai?

But what have you achieved? By killing hundreds of innocents. By injuring women and children. By smashing up wonderful buildings. By creating fear and terror. By bringing this death and destruction? Yes. Tell us. What have you achieved? What have you gained?

In what way do you think you have furthered your cause? Did you? Bunkum! Hogwash!

You think your cause is so great? That life has became so cheap? You think your freedom is so important? That you can wreck others’ freedom? You think your wicked minds are so great? That you take pride in bringing this devastation?

You know what? You are just evil and shameless. You are daft and brainless. You are depraved and soul-less. You are wicked and heartless…. I can go on and on like this. But do my words hurt you? Of course No. They won’t.

How can reason penetrate thick-skulled people like you? How can remorse or regret be ever felt by those numbed in senses? How can love or respect have any meaning to you who spread hate and violence? How can care or compassion be ever felt by those driven by irrationality and insanity?.

Otherwise, which sane man will open fire on simple people, waiting with loved ones, at a railway station? Which sound individual would plan to bring down historical buildings? And for heavens sake, which rational person would use guns and grenades to try and kill people at ‘a hospital’??

Accept it, my dear terrorists, you are twisted. You may be thinking you are masterminds - that you used satellite maps, AK 47s, grenades and RDX. You may be thinking that you are clever – that you have hijacked boats, beheaded people, infiltrated into territory that is not yours, and planted bombs.

But, you know what we think? We think that you have contorted minds. That you are gullible birdbrains and brainwashed cowards. That you have spun your web of lies and deceit without any human feelings.

But remember. You cannot bring us down. Your blazing guns speak no reason. Your cunning plans lack the soul. We are the ones who stand tall with courage. Because we can defend our beliefs. Because we have the will to persevere against dastardly acts like yours.

We won’t give up. We will fight terror. And we will fight terror mongers you. With your limited capacities to think, and with our unlimited potential to persist, you will surely be defeated. Again and again. Like how you just got defeated.

Your malevolent acts will be no match to our will power based on love and respect for one another - irrespective of differing ideologies.

So, give up arms. And sit across the table if you can. Choose brains over brawn. Stop these cowardly acts and be courageous. And stop these inhuman acts and be human.


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