Monday, December 01, 2008

Games Politicians Play

The Mumbai terror drama ends. And the political circus begins.

Heads need to roll. To appease the masses. And politicians do what politicians do.

So, Shivraj Patil, Home Minister of India resigns. (And Manmohan Singh takes up the Finance Minister's portfolio himself, making Chidambaram the new Home minister). Why did Patil resign??

Because Scapegoats are necessary. Because BJP has been crying hoarse that security of the country is being compromised for long. And because half the country would be very happy that something very strong was done by Congress. And Congress would hopefully look good during this election time.

But quick comes the reply from BJP that Patil's resignation is itself 'too little and too late'. BJP attributes the nation's security lapse and a host of problems - often blown out of proportion - to the entire Indian government itself and not just to the Home Ministry. It projects the the ruling NDA combine - which the Congress leads - as weak and incapable of weilding power. Why? Because BJP would hopefully look good as a patriotic and concerned party during this election time.

Evidently, each party has its own interest. Showing us their skills in Games Politicians Play!

मेहरबान और कदरदान
आईये, आईये

politicians का खेल देखिये
Narendra Modi का one-crore offer देखिये!
Vilasrao Deshmukh का ताज यात्रा देखिये ।

इनका बेटा को Ram Gopal Verma के सात देखिये ('s the latest on this)

इस पर Veerappa Moily का व्याख्या देय्किये!
और उस पर NDTV का coverage देखिये
Star TV का सनसनी खुलासा देखिये
The Great Indian Political circus देखिये !

आईये ... आईये ...

मेहरबान और कदरदान
हुम्रारा ये इंडियन तमाशा देखिये !!

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