Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Joel's Laws of Inevitability

The Oddity of life is that we are often mocked at, by circumstances. But we should just take them in the stride, as God's sense of humour. Here's my little compilation of some things I feel we all encounter. I will keep adding to this list. And you can contribute to these laws too, by sharing experiences similar to these :-)

  • Law 1 : When you switch queues to join a faster moving one, the one you left will move faster than the one you joined.

  • Law 2 : When you are driving at leisure and not in a hurry, all the traffic lights will turn green and the roads will suddenly become free-er.

  • Law 3 : When you accidentally drop a rolling object, it will always be on a sloping surface that rolls the object into some inaccessible place.

  • Law 4 : When you have a special meal to cook, or have special guests over for dinner, the cooking gas will get over that day.

  • Law 5 : When you scribble an important phone number on a little slip of paper, you will lose it when you need it. And you will suddenly find it after its usefulness has expired.

  • Law 6 : When you wear a dress that you don’t want a certain person or group of people to see you in, you will bump into that person or group somewhere.


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